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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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C. Costs, Benefits and Ef fecti veness (Continued)
Individual areas of accomplishment are summarized below:

Captioning and Recording: Materials incorporating the most advanced tech-
nological achievements in television and recording have been developed,
adapted, produced, and distributed* For example, captioned general -interest
films were shown 68,502 times from October 1983 through March 1984. The

total audience count was 1,096,032 for the same period. The average cost
per film was approximately $25,800. Captioned educational films were
shown 92,790 times between October 1983 and March 1984, to audiences total-
ling 1,020,025 children. Average cost per film was $6,778, as opposed to
the previous year's $9,950. (E.I)

Technology Development Projects : New or improved existing methods, ap~
p roach es , and techniques fnmedia which contribute to the adjustment and
education of all handicapped persons have been created. Under the Tech-
nology component seventeen research projects were funded to: examine and
demonstrate the use of new advances; disseminate information about practices
found effective; and train persons in the use of educational media and
technology. One of these, The National Assistance Project for Special
Education Technology, developed and field tested a model system of technical
assistance. (E.2)

Hedi a and ..... Materl al s Centers and Sery 1 ces : Specialized educa-
tional material an3 i nformatlon for tRe handicapped, their parents and
educators have been designed, developed, adapted, and disseminated. For
example, the Center to Increase State Capacity Related to Technology Appli-
cation in Special Education conducted a symposium on the application of
technology in special education; provided training for State directors;
and provided assistance to the staff at the Model Secondary School for the
Deaf. (E.3)

Another project, the Market Linkage Project for Special Education (LINC)
serves as the major vehicle for marketing materials and products for the
handicapped. An estimated 250,000 school -age children have benefited
from the placement of products into commercial and national distribution
through this project. LINC also serves as a resource to other projects.

Nat 1 onal Theater of the Deaf ; The self-image and the popular image of the
deaf have been enhanced through the presentation of plays by deaf actors

and actresses. This company presents productions throughout the United

States and Europe.

Recordings for the Blind: Recorded textbooks have been provided to visually
Impaired learners. TRTs organization distributes about 90,000 recorded
books to students, and records 4,000 new texts each year.

Prog r am E f f ect i y en ess : No information 1s available.

D, PI ans for Program Improvement and Recommend at i on s for Legi si ation

None.                     .11                                                      50,706